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Model: Doctor Icepack (Medical Device IIa)
Ghiaccio istantaneo
Cod. Art:

Tri-coupled TNT bag containing a mixture of nitrogen salts and awater bubble.

After squeezing the bubble contained inside the

bag immediately develops an endothermic process ofinstant cooling.

Intended use:

Hematomas, sprains, trauma, hyperthermia and in all cases where there is a need for cryotherapy and the use of cold.

Technical features:
Ingredients : Contains urea, ammonium chloride and water. Product free of latex and phthalates
Temperature : The temperature reaches -5 ° C and reaches 0 ° C in about 30 minutes
CND : M9001
Compliance : Class IIa Medical Device. European Directive 93/42 / EEC
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